9 – 12 September 2023
Verona, Italy




9 – 12 September 2023
Verona, Italy


Early fee

(Until July 16th, 2023)

Late fee

(July 17th – August 25th, 2023)

Onsite fee

(August 26th, 2023 – onsite)
Congress Registration (IASGO Members*)
350,00 €
550,00 €
Congress Registration (NON-IASGO Members)
650,00 €


1.100,00 €
Pharmacist/Nurse/ Young Scientist Under 35**
250,00 €
350,00 €
450,00 €
Emerging countries***
300,00 €
400,00 €
500,00 €
Company badge

500,00 €

600,00 €

700,00 €

Pre-course Registration  ****
IOUS and ablations in liver tumors

122,00 €

122,00 €

122,00 €

Pre-course Registration  *****
Advances in gallbladder and common bile duct stones management

122,00 €

122,00 €

122,00 €

Gala Dinner – Sept 11th

110,00 €

110,00 €

110,00 €

Fees are inclusive of current VAT (22%) and are quoted in Euro.

*    Membership fee is applied only to IASGO Members in good standing with membership fee.

– IASGO membership renewal price is 200€
IASGO first-time special membership price is 100€

Please note: those who participate in the IASGO World Congress for the first time can apply for the Group Membership and continue as members with Full Membership for the next year and thereafter.

For regular membership renewal or first-time special membership, please visit IASGO official Membership page below and select Full Membership (200€) or Group Membership (100€) accordingly. 
Any inquiries about the membership shall be addressed to office@iasgo.org

**    Pharmacist/Nurse: Proof of status is required to finalize the registration. Young Scientist Under 35: A letter from a specialization school is required.

***    Emerging Countries are those state as “low-income” and “lower-middle income” as per World Bank country classifications. For a complete list of these countries, please check the World Bank website here.

****    Pre-course “IOUS and ablations in liver tumors” – Limited availability – REGISTER NOW!
It will be held at Policlinico Universitario G.B. Rossi – Borgo Roma Piazzale L.A. Scuro, 10 – 37134 Verona

*****    Pre-course “Advances in gallbladder and common bile duct stones managemen” – Limited availability – REGISTER NOW!
It will be held at Policlinico Universitario G.B. Rossi – Borgo Roma Piazzale L.A. Scuro, 10 – 37134 VeronaIASGO membership renewal price is 200€

IASGO Verona 2023 Delegates registration fee includes:

  • Admission to all Congress sessions, Poster and Exhibition areas.

  • Admission to the Welcome Ceremony

  • Congress Programme

  • Certificate of Attendance (to be received via e-mail after the event)

Proof of Status for Young Scientist

Kindly find here below the mandatory requirements that a valid Proof of Status needs to meet:

  • It must be issued in English;

  • It must be issued on official hospital or university letterhead;

  • The date of issue has to be not older than 6 months starting from the registration date;

  • It must display the applicant’s full name and date of birth;

  • It has to be signed by the head of department (hospital or academic institution) confirming the full-time status of the applicant;

  • It has to include the following head of department’s details: full name, department, email address and telephone number;

Please, also take into consideration the following:

  • The registration team will have to review it and approve it;

  • Invalid Proof of Status cannot be accepted: the IASGO Verona 2023 decision will be final and the registration fee will be automatically updated to the Non-Member full fee;

  • Once the online pre-registrations period for the Congress is closed, participants still wishing to register will need to bring their Proof of Status on-site, in order to benefit from the reduced fee.

Methods of Payments:

Only credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and America Express) will be accepted.

Payments can be made in Euro currency only. Credit card statements will show the vendor/merchant as Triumph Italy Srl and will show the amount in Euro.

Once payment has been confirmed, a summary of the registration will be sent to you via email.

*Only for Italians – Public Administration:
Fatture alla Pubblica Amministrazione
Il pagamento della quota d’iscrizione deve avvenire prima dell’inizio del Congresso.
Chi si registra all’evento e vuole che l’iscrizione venga fatturata ad una P.A. non può assolutamente
pagare con la propria carta di credito o con bonifico bancario dal suo c/c, ma il pagamento dovrà
essere effettuato direttamente dall’Ente, che dovrà anche fornire un documento ufficiale contenente i
dati per la fatturazione.
Ragione sociale; Indirizzo; Codice fiscale; P.IVA; Codice Univoco; CIG; CUP; Numero d’ordine
*IVA, se esente indicare articolo (esempio art.10 per ASL)
*Split payment (fattura con IVA, ma versamento solo dell’imponibile – IVA direttamente all’Erario)
*Fattura immediata (fattura con IVA, versamento totale dell’importo)

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received in writing by 30 May 2023  are entitled to 100% refund, less administrative fees;
Cancellations received in writing 
between 1 June 2023 and 31 July 2023 are entitled to 50% refund, less administrative fees;
Cancellations received 
on or after 1 August 2023 – no refund shall be due;
All refunds will be made within three (3) months after the end of the event. Requests submitted after this period shall not be considered. Any participant initially registered as an individual, who then received sponsorship by an Industry Company, shall not be entitled to a refund;
Refunds will not be processed in the event that a Visa Application has been refused by an Embassy/Consulate Office.

Special Requests:

*Name changes*

It is very important to pay attention during registration process filling all fields properly.

For each amendment request a € 50,00 + 22%VAT fee will be applied.

Name ChangeCategory Change**Invoice Information amendment can be requested via email by the registration owner to the Registration Department.

**Participant replacing a delegate registered with a lower registration fee is requested to pay the difference between his registration fee and the old delegate one. Early fees are NOT transferable.

*Badge re-printing*

On-site, for the re-printing of forgotten/lost/stolen badges, € 50,00 + 22%VAT will be charged.

Important Notes

Participants submitting and paying their registration incorrectly will not be entitled to reimbursement.
This will be applied also to Third Parties/Group Administrator processing the registration for their delegates incorrectly.
These general conditions are to be considered as the legal basis for all registrations. Verbal agreements are not binding, unless confirmed in writing.

Passport and Visa

Participants coming from EU nations and citizens of USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, do not need visas to enter Italy. Most NON-EU citizens from other countries will need a visa and, sometimes, either a declaration or a permit of stay to formalize their visit in Italy. Please consult the Italian Embassy or Consulate nearest to you for specific details related to visas and visit the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
If an entry visa is required, please allow sufficient time for this procedure: to facilitate your VISA request an invitation letter can be downloaded.
The Invitation Letter implies no obligation by the Organizers to cover registration fees, accommodation, travel expenses or any other costs connected with participation in the meeting.

DATA – Authorization to use

The data made available through the online registration system are gathered and treated by the IASGO Verona 2023 Organizing Secretariat – Triumph Italy in compliance with the European regulation on data protection. All data are treated by the Triumph Italy for organizational purposes, in particular for the registration to Meetings.
At any Congress and Symposium each participant receives one badge carrying the family name and the first name of the participant.